Saturday 13 June 2015

Hobby Sprawl

These are the contents of my painting table right now:

Saurus Oldblood
5x Ork Boyz
5x Tomb Kings Skeleton Warriors with command options
2x Gretchin
Wood Elves Shadowdancer
12x Skink Skirmishers

That's twenty-six models split between five army projects and both game systems. I am, as many hobbyist friends of mine have observed, a magpie. I pick up models, work on them a bit and get distracted by something shiny. Luckily, the friends I play against are almost as bad as me and so I'm not the only one with in-progress models going down on the table. I put down more than anyone else, obviously, but no one minds.

Still, I really need to clear this table. Another thing for the to do list.

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