Wednesday 1 January 2014

New Year's Resolutions: 14 for '14

It's the first day of the year, I finally have internet in my flat (and it has broad bands, as well) so it's time for some New Year's resolutions. And you know, even as you make them, that you'll break them it's just a matter of how long so let's see how long I can stay the course on my 14 for '14:

Learn to cook
I don't cook much and I'd like to. Its healthier, generally cheaper and more satisfying.

Define my hobby goals
Work out what I want from my Warhammer hobby: specify the armies I want to work on and set some goals (complete the army to X number of points, that sort of thing). This one's a whole blog post of its own, to be honest.

Write something every day
A blog post, a book review, a bit of dialogue, a short story, just something each and every day. I used to write a lot, I enjoyed it and I feel a lot of the emotional problems I've had the last few years might have been easier if I'd kept that creative outlet open to myself.

Push my painting skills
I've been kind of coasting in this area, really. GW has a new paints range these days so I really should try to expand my skills beyond the old standards. Buying a copy of the new How To Paint Citadel Miniatures should be a good start.

Have a proper sort out of my media collection
I do own a load of old junk: CDs, DVDs, games, comics and books that I've not touched in years. Oddments of clothing that I never wear, as well. Freeing up space is going to be something of a theme for me over the next few months as the new flat has about a quarter of the storage space of the old one.

Read more books than I buy
Self-explanatory, really. I own a lot of books including a couple of dozen just sitting on my Kindle waiting for me to read. Since I bought a lot of these books years ago reading them now practically counts as getting books for free! Penny saved is a penny earned, I suppose.

Spend more time around nature
The other day I walked with a friend to Black Swan Lake (yes, it is next to White Swan Lake, why do you ask?). I really need to spend more time out in nature, its beautiful.

Start my hobby journal
I actually bought the journal itself in October but then the stress of moving got in the way and I haven't actually painted anything in months.

Switch to Big Finish's download subscriptions
Partly motivated by losing a lot of my possessions to water damage over Christmas, partly motivated by the lack of storage space in my new flat. I now have the Virgin broad bands and so downloading from the Big Finish website is a practical option for me. Its DRM-free so I can keep back-ups and I can even free up some space by downloading copies of the CDs I've already bought from them and sending the CDs themselves to the charity shop.

Take more pride in my home
There's only four rooms, I'll clean one room every night (… ish). I mean, it's a mess of boxes at the moment (yes, internet access was a higher priority than unpacking) so actual housepride is still a ways off but I feel I should make more effort here, its a nicer flat than my last one.

Start a beginning to end classic Doctor Who marathon
I've always thought if you're a fan of something you should do a marathon at least once and now I finally can. I've got the DVDs, I won't reach The Web Of Fear before it comes out and I've the Loose Cannon reconstructions for the missing episodes. I say “start” not because I don't think I'll finish but because I know I won't finish this year.

Be more sociable
I can be a shut-in, I know, especially the last six months as I've been saving up to move. So I'll get out more, which if nothing else will help me in my writing.

Find an exercise regime that suits me
Running doesn't agree with me. Weights, maybe. Something heavily cardio-based, I feel, I think that's good for stamina which is what I need to work on.

Take part in Matt's Warhammer campaign
My best friend Matt is running a Warhammer campaign starting in a week or two. We have two Empire players (Matt and Tom), two Warriors Of Chaos players (Ian and Dave) and me with my Vampire Counts, odd man out as usual. Writing background for the campaign should help me in my goal to write every day. 


SallyP said...

Why, these are all highly commendable goals! And some of them are!

James Ashelford said...

I know, fun has been in rather short supply recently with the move and the flooding and everything so I feel like using the chance to reward myself as well as bettering myself.

And a Happy New Year, Sally.

SallyP said...

And to you, James.