Thursday 9 January 2014

Hobby Vow 1

My Bretonnian King and Damsels arrived from GW today so it's time to start thinking about getting this army off the ground. I've also played my second campaign game so I really should start making some headway on getting the army fully painted. To that end I'm resurrecting the system of Hobby Vows: a stated aim to succeed or fail at to a time limit. In this case I declare that by the end of next week (Friday 17th January) I will fulfil the following two Vows:

Vow the First (Theoretical)
I will choose a colour scheme for my Bretonnian army based on one of the duchies in the Army Book.

Vow the Second (Practical)

I will finish painting the three Necromancers who lead my Vampire Counts army. 

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