Tuesday 14 January 2014

Sod Skyrim, I got Sonic & Knuckles!

Okay, I got the Xbox but my friend Matt couldn't find the copy of Skyrim but he did have another game for me: the Mega Drive Ultimate Collection. Ladies and gentlemen, the soundtrack to my childhood:

Okay, I have a console powerful enough to render 3D graphics, soundtracks involving voice acting and games that can last me weeks but, you know what? I've forty 16-bit games from my childhood and that's enough to keep me amused for a while. Who knows, after twenty years I might even be able to finish Sonic The Hedgehog 3?

Yes, shamefully I have never got further than the Carnival Night Zone and some day I might have to admit to myself I never will but that is not this day!

Plus Ecco The Dolphin and Ecco II: The Tides Of Time. The comic adaptation in Sonic The Comic ended before I got to find out who was behind the shenanigans in Tides Of Time so that's worth playing if only to settle a dangling plot thread that hasn't bothered me since about 1996. Plus there are a load of Phantasy Star games which I hope have a save function because 16-bit RPGs were the most frustrating things ever when they didn't have that option.

Sonic 3D's on there but they couldn't all be winners, I suppose. 

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