Monday 20 November 2017

Hive Fleet Jormungandr (in theory)

I'm making progress painting my Start Collecting set (the old one with the Hive Tyrant) and I've got a few other odds and ends cheap off eBay. The Codex is in hand and thoroughly flicked through for inspiration so its time to think about the sort of army I'm building towards. Thus, a theoretical army list. Nothing extravagant, just 50 power to be getting on with. Here's what I'm thinking:

(anything without wargear are units I haven't built yet)

Hive Tyrant with scything talons and heavy venom cannon
Tervigon with massive scything talons and stinger salvo

3 Venomthropes

3 Tyranid Wariors with rendings claws, devourers and venom cannon
20 Hormagaunts with scything talons
10 Genestealers.

Fast Attack
20 Gargoyles

52 power

As I say, this is mainly a “field what I got” army which is why my tunneling army of ambush contains not one single Ravener or Trygon. That I'm leaving for 100 power and when I start to experiment with fancy tactics after I've mastered the basics.

The Tervigon is probably a bit OP for this size of game but I learnt recently that these sorts of armies need bodies on the ground and some big things to draw fire, both of which a Tervigon is admirably capable of plus being having an extra psyker on the table is always useful. Also, I got a cheap one off eBay for like twenty quid and I am dying to paint it.

I won't pretend there's any great tactical insight in this list its more a statement of intent to give me something concrete to work towards: the point at which I will have something like a useable army. After “useable”, one hopes, comes “good”.

So here;s to embarrassing but educative defeat!

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