Wednesday 22 November 2017

Doomsday Clock Watchin'

Today's the day. Today it begins. The series I have been dreading since the DC Rebirth one-shot hit, the potentially horrible punchline at the end of all the good things the entire Rebirth initiative has achieved.

So here's my issue. I have adored the whole groundwork for this. Superman Reborn, A Lonely Place of Living, all the other little bits and pieces hinting towards the conspiracy underlying the whole DC Universe. Unfortunately, we've known since day one that the whole conspiracy somehow involves the mad idea of introducing the Watchmen character to the DCU proper.

I'm not exactly crazy about this idea.

I mean, the whole point of Watchmen is to be a satire of how disastrous superheroes would be in the real world. The DC Universe is not the real world, is actually in fact defined by having a lot of cities and trappings that separate it very much from the real world.

Essentially, I question the sanity of introducing satire characters to the world they were meant to satirise.

That having been said I'm on board for the first issue at least because, well... the car crash mentality in the main but also because every step up to this point has been enjoyable and I have the tiniest scintilla of a hope that maybe this has actually been thought through enough to work.

Just the tiniest bit. 

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