Saturday 11 November 2017

Pointless meanderings about the 13th Doctor's clothes

I like it. The trousers, which seem to be a matter of odd fixation amongst fans at the moment, probably look a lot less shapeless in motion. I like the suspenders, classic Doctor apparel there. I like the fact that there's a rainbow but not an actual, legit pride rainbow so you can't prove nothin' in your rambling letters of complaint, conservatives who suddenly care about this show for some reason. Its a fashion disaster, I am told, and to my mind that makes it perfect. Just because the Doctor is now a woman they should not have suddenly regenerated with the ability dress themselves.

That doesn't seem like enough for a post, does it?

Okay then I'll defend the piercings to make myself feel like I'm not just writing filler because its Friday evening right now and I am full of cake.

You see, the best worst take I have read about this costume so far come from those who are fixated with the fact Whittaker has piercings in her ears. Some have even (obviously but still depressingly) claimed that this Doctor having pierced ears when no other Doctor has pierced ears proves they are fundamentally changing the character beyond all recognition and therefore the Doctor should only ever be played by a man.

Yeah, okay, fake nerd boys, listen up!

For a start, we don't know that the Doctor wakes up from regeneration with pre-pierced ears. For all we know she could pop out to get her ears pierced during whatever costume choosing montage creates this glorious fashion disaster. Second, and most importantly, Jon Pertwee (who I feel we can all agree was definitely the Doctor and whose status as such cannot be denied) woke up from regeneration with a tattoo. We know this because we got to watch him showering in his debut story.

So maybe pierced ears are not the breaking point of canon. 

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