Monday, 27 November 2017

Underhive Adventures pt.1: Housing Shortage

My friend Dave is planning a Necromunda campaign for the new year. He's still hashing out the details and basic background for our little corner of the underhive so right now we're just picking out the gangs we want to play.

Obviously, the options are a little limited and we're just in luck that at least one other player has an old gang of their own (Orlocks, I believe) so we won't be completely limited by the current plastic range. I, however, am and so my choice for the campaign will be House Goliath, the house of massive cleavers and big sweaty men. I originally wanted to do Escher but we were already drowning in Escher players by the time I got to store on Saturday.

I am definitely getting some Eschers just to paint because they are gorgeous but for the functional side of things I'm all about the big, sweaty muscular men.

I've yet to read through the rules for making the gang but there are some things I definitely want to include. I want someone to have the big chainaxe that has its own mohawk; I also want at least one of those big thumpy hammers; and, I absolutely don't want to paint their armour red. Its not that I dislike red (because Flesh Tearers are awesome) but since I don't have to paint many miniatures for this project I want to push the boat out a little and red is sort of my comfort zone.

Now, to build the models and come up with a suitably hench name for my gang leader. 

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