Monday 6 November 2017

No Battleplan Survives Contact With My Father (Winter Warlords 2017)

Every year the local GW hosts Winter Warlords, a hobby challenge in which us regulars knuckle down to starting a new army whilst the evenings are cold and dark and our relatives need some indication of what we want for Christmas. This year I was going to work on my Black Legion because I have a decent starting force built and whilst they were fun to make and will be fun to play a simple black and gold colour scheme sounds a bit boring to paint.

Then my father happened. Its my birthday this week and my dear old dad bought me a Tyranid Start Collecting set. I've never played Tyranids before, never even painted one aside from a couple of Genestealer Cults models I bought when that army first hit.

It was still a toss up, though. I got home with my big box o' bugs but I still felt it would be the Black Legion for Winter Warlords because I wasn't sure how I wanted to paint the 'Nids. Organic colours are not my usual medium but then a friend commented on a GW Facebook post and thus this image appeared on my timeline:
I love it. It has fantastic contrast between the two main colours. Grey is a colour I know I can achieve an organic look on (as I already managed it with my Nurgle Daemons) and I think I can adapt the bone method from my Tomb Kings for the carapace. En masse I think these guys will look amazing.

First step: build the Warriors from my Start Collecting to test out the colour scheme. 

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