Friday 30 June 2017

Why Flesh Tearers are the best army to paint

50% of Tactical Squad Cleos in the blank void of time and space.
It takes so little time for them to start looking like they should look. The two main colours on them are base paints: Abaddon Black and Khorne Red. Once those two layers are on you have something that looks like a Flesh Tearer. There aren't a whole lot of extra layers needed to make those colours look right (in my case, since my basic arse never bothers highlighting black, I just need to slather Nuln Oil over the red and do a quick tidy) before moving on to the details.

True, there are a lot of details. There are absolutely tons of things that need to be painted white and silver and bone and so on but the basic principle is that I have something, two or three layers into the painting process, that looks close to done even if its an illusion. The illusion of progress is actually a pretty good motivator.

P.S. I am well aware that if I don't highlight the black on my Death Company they will look terrible and I dread getting started on those units for that very reason. There will be a lot of experimenting and a lot of dissatisfaction before I feel I have it right but that's the price of pushing my skills. 

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