Wednesday 28 June 2017

On the unexpected wealth of Dr Who/NCIS crossover fic

You know how sometimes you have an urge to re-read something you only vaguely remember? And I mean very vaguely, like you don't even remember the title.

Well, now we have the internet and nostalgia can get a but funny. Many moons ago I remember reading a very odd but very good fan fiction in which Fitz Kreiner (from the late-90s/early-2000s Doctor Who novels) gets dumped by the Doctor during the Time War and ends up living in the modern US, but here's the twist, as a side character in NCIS. I vaguely remember Torchwood turning up and Fitz hooking up with Tony DiNozzo but that's about it. I don't remember much else but I do remember enjoying it.

So it turns out that there are 146 stories that come up on AO3 when you search “Doctor Who NCIS”, obviously not a search term helped by the fact that “doctor” and “who” are both regularly occuring words but it turns out there are a fair number of stories legitimately crossing the two over.

A lot of them seem to have Abby Sciuto as a companion. Not that I blame anyone for wanting to write Abby Sciuto as a companion or wanting to write Abby Sciuto in general, she's probably my favourite character on NCIS and not just because Pauley Perrette is absolutely gorgeous. Okay, a bit because of that. Fine, a lot because of that, its not actually that interesting of a show watched episodically.

Moving on...

The fact that a lot of different writers have thought these two series have enough in common to mask them together is... oddly fascinating. Its not a pairing I ever would have considered (and this is coming from a man who, somehow, is of the opinion the Chloé Bourgeois/Alya Césaire tag is desperately underpopulated at only 29 works) and the very fact its occurred to so many people is oddly heartening.

And the Chloé/Alya things is totally going to be the basis of a post, I should think, its just too petty of a complaint not to get some entertainment out of. 

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