Saturday 17 June 2017

The War Master (no, not Horus)

So, just to prove me wrong, the very minute yesterday's post published, Big Finish announced a new Time War box set featuring Derek Jacobi as the Master.

There are things, in any fandom, that you just can't let go of and for me one of those things was that RTD got Derek Jacobi to play the Master and Jacobi only got to play the actual part for a few minutes out of the episode. Not only that but those few minutes were absolutely amazing. The article on the Big Finish website calls him the Hannibal Lecter of Time Lords and that's a pretty apt description. In those few minutes between opening the fob watch and turning into Sam Tyler he portrays the razor edge balance between whimsy and murderous fury the Master exists in better than anyone since Delgado.

Also, I've always wanted stories that give some insight into how the Master works in their own adventures. This won't be the first attempt at it but it will be the most substantial.

Plus, its four hours of Derek Jacobi's voice which isn't anything to sniff at. The man has a gorgeous voice. 

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