Thursday 1 June 2017

June is Death Guard Month

What else could it be? As much as I like the design of Primaris Marines (if not the concept or anything about the Dreadnought), the Death Guard are the main event of Dark Imperium for me. I'm still mulling over whether I want to swap shop the Bigly Marines or wait for inspiration to hit. I have this vague concept of painting them orange but that might be a passing craze, I don't know.

Anyway: Death Guard, the XIV Legion Astartes, the servants of Nurgle, the bringers of pestilence, the one Chaos Legion whose greatest rivalry is with another Chaos Legion because Mortarian really, really hates Magus the Red, the chubby traitors of cuddliness.

Just me, that last one, I take it?

Anyway, my absolute favourite Chaos Marine faction is coming to workable, buildable plastic but they're coming halfway through the month so, in the meantime, I once again brave the indignities of Forge World resin...
Yes, I know pics of plastic Death Guard Terminators have leaked but I honestly do prefer these sculpts. I'd have to, after my less than happy experience trying to scrape the FW Plague Marine torsos down to a point where they actually fit into the plastic legs they're designed to be built with it takes a lot to interest me in a Forge World kit. I have two sets of Terminator bodies, my plan for the second being to build two more “basic” Plague Terminators to fill the squad up to Nurgle's sacred number and then use the other three to make alternative weapons.

Yes, I'm going to do the “sacred number” thing in as many units as possible. I'm that sort of hobbyist. I even have a concept for the Possessed. You see, I want my Possessed not to be Death Guard but loyalist Marines they've captured and basically injected daemons into. I have approximately two or three complete Space Marines in bits in my bits box so I'll mix them in with the five Possessed from the actual kit, slap on some Deathwatch shoulder pads and then paint in a rainbow of appropriate colours to make a suitably horrific unit.

Oh, I also have a name for my Lord of Contagion: Scrofulus Bezoar (yes, I just did a big re-read of Sandman, why do you ask?).

For the moment, though, first priority goes to getting these Terminators started. I want to experiment with colour scheme on something big and relatively simple before working on the Dark Imperium models and I've had these conversion kits lying around for literally years. 

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