Wednesday 17 May 2017

Rose Tyler tinted glasses

The other day, Big Finish announced that their second full cast Tenth Doctor box set will reunite David Tennant and Billie Piper (and Camille Coduri!) as the Doctor and Rose. I'm actually looking forward to it, especially as one of the stories promises to have the pair meeting an actual historical transgender person, the Chevalier d'Eon, which is an angle I'm actually surprised the modern series hasn't gone for yet (or historical individuals of any LGBTQ+ persuasion, jokes about Shakespeare's sonnets aside).

Hell, sometimes Big Finish has trouble remembering that not all recurring Doctor Who characters are straight (looking at you, inexplicably heterosexual Ace and Turlough).

That said, one thing makes me wonder: where is there left to go with Rose?

You see, one thing I'll definitely say in favour of the modern series is it doesn't tend to leave a lot of ambiguity in the companions' arcs. These characters are introduced for a reason and they leave when their story is done and that's especially true of the RTD companions. Rose had a very defined arc over her two seasons that was pretty much complete as is. I wonder if Big Finish are going to try to add to it or just leave it untouched?

Also, Ice Warriors. I'm really interested to see what Big Finish will do with Ice Warriors given how Mark Gatiss expanded on them in Cold War. Big Finish have done their own expansions of their culture and I hope this story presents some synthesis of the two. 

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