Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Again (Manchester)

I have nothing profound to add. Innocent people are dead. People rallied round as they always do, offering help and support. Blood was donated in vast amounts. Manchester taxi drivers, many of them Muslim lest we get, working for free to reunite families. Hotels and Sikh temples opened their doors to give people shelter and a solid address for their relatives to collect them from.

The usual monsters crawled out of the woodwork to claim responsibility and the other monsters who exist only to feed them have already started showing that they're more than willing to prove the terrorists right. Katie Hopkins, who for American readers is basically Tomi Lahren with less innate class, has already taken to Twitter to declare that what we need in this country is “a final solution” because invoking religiously motivated genocide is fun, kids! I mean, let's forget that if this was ISIS (who are, of course, an utterly unimpeachable source that we have every reason to take at their word) there's an obvious reason they picked Manchester. That city is one of the most multicultural cities in the country, the target was a concert mainly attended by women and young girls. I wonder why ISIS would want to disrupt that?

By this evening I confidently expect the government will have decided to bomb a country the perpetrators of this atrocity will later turn out never to have set foot in, the press will have forgotten the many inconveniently brown people who acted with compassion and charity during this horrific business and the terrorists will have won,again. More fear, more anxiety, more white politicians telling us to fear the unlike right before a general election, the self-serving bastards. More public support for bombing Middle Eastern countries further and further back into the stone age.

Exactly what they want.


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