Friday 17 July 2015

Finecast: giving in to the hate

I've never had the burning hatred in my heart for Finecast resin that many hobbyists have. I mean, I was so glad to be rid of white metal that I forgave what I thought of as teething troubles with mis-moldings and air bubbles, which were usually fixable.

HOWEVER, I have not previously built a Finecast kit larger than a man-sized figure. This morning I slipped a Bretonnian Trebuchet out of its box and, good grief, the throwing arm was curved like a half-moon. And that is to say nothing of the erectile disfunction lance on the Grail Reliquae.

I hereby take back everything bad I have ever said about Forge World resin. Come back poorly cleaned components that won't hold paint, all is forgiven!

I am determined to get this army built, though, as Tom and I spent an evening discussing the possibilities for our Empire/Bretonnia match-up and I am very enthused.

I just have to buy a kettle first... 

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