Saturday 1 August 2015

The Arrow crossover no one expected or asked for

This is just weird and I love it. For the last week or so my friends have been sharing Facebook posts by Stephen Amell, the guy who plays Oliver Queen in Arrow. Anyway, he seems to be calling out Stardust.
The wrestler Stardust aka “Cody Rhodes finally has a gimmick that suits him”.

Now, I don't follow the WWE week to week, I tend to watch random episodes and pay-per-views with my friend Matt because he has WWE Network so I don't know if there's stuff on TV where Stardust is getting in on this. For all I know Amell is just trolling the world here.

I hope not. I really, really want to see Amell and Rhodes have a match. I really want to see Amell cutting promos (“You have failed this promotion!”... see? It writes itself). Also, given Cody's current costume what better feud could there be than fighting a superhero?

This has the potential to be very fun and to involve Stephen Amell shirtless, which is always a plus, as the makers of Arrow are very much aware. 

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