Saturday 4 July 2015

Final Fantasy VII redux

I love Final Fantasy games. I can't beat them but I love them and at E3 this year Square Enix finally announced they were re-making Final Fantasy VII. FF7 was the first RPG I ever played, it was my introduction to the idea that computer games could have not just a premise but a story. I'm not sure I remember how far I got, probably not far into the second disc, but I remember the story absolutely blowing me away.

Just that there was a character who was there to drive the plot by dying, a character you go to know through action and dialogue so you felt it when she died, was amazing to me then. These days, of course, that's so basic as to be beneath discussion in many ways.

Still, since then I've got (slightly) better at games, a lot better at understanding stories and, most important of all, a lot more patient.

Square Enix announced the remake only a few weeks ago so I've probably got a couple of years to replay the original before they actually release it. I'm a very different person from the one kid who first sat down to play this game. I'm pretty sure I still have my copy and I still have my PS2 so this should be fun. 

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