Wednesday 1 July 2015

Entertainment to do list for July

Nice little mind-focusing exercise, this. I didn't get the whole list done last month and didn't have time to blog about what I did but here's hoping for better this month.

On the DVD front there's a hotel themed double bill with The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel still sitting on my shelf, plus the sequel to the latter if I end up liking it. Also, massive Doctor Who nerd that I am I really, really need to watch Season Eight. Also, I'm making progress on Daredevil but there's still half a season to go. I'm absolutely loving it but it is an exhausting series to watch.

On the CD front there are two Doctor Who box sets: The Companion Chronicles: The First Doctor volume 1 and the unabridged reading of Mark Gatiss' Last of the Gadarene.

Time to clear out some clutter from the bookshelves and Kindle so let's inaugurate a “to read” section. This month, the half-read: the second Megatokyo light novel Dire Water,. Graham McNeill's Gods of Mars, David A. McIntee's Past Doctors pure historical novel The Wages Of Sin and Diana Gabaldon's Outlander. Also, I should really write a review of the first Megatokyo light novel, The Tower Of Kartage, its interesting.

As to hobby, I really want to get another 500 points of Orks built so I can field a 1,500 points army in Dave's campaign. The 1,000 points has served me well but I'm confident with the army now and I want to experiment with some more varied units. Also, I picked up some of the Finecast (I know, I know) Plague Marines for my Death Guard and I have always wanted a set of these so I'm definitely getting those made and painted.

Hmmm, maybe also nailed by trousers to the mast when it comes to the painting table. Right now, on or to the side of the painting table are: five Ork Boyz, five Ork Meganobz, a Tomb Kings Skeleton command rank, two Grots, a Wood Elves Shadowdancer and a Saurus Oldblood, all half-painted so I'll try to clear that up somewhat. 

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