Tuesday 7 July 2015

50 Shades of Flashheart

Okay, for serious, we have to discuss this. There is a tumblr called 50 Shades of Flashheart [link] where lines spoken or thought by 50 Shades of Grey's Christian Grey are placed over screenshots of Lord Flashheart from Blackadder, thus:
The fact that everything on this tumblr sounds like something Flashheart would say, is a crushing indictment of Christian Grey because if you have seen either of the episodes Flashheart turns up in there is no ambiguity attached to the character. Flashheart is an arse. He's vain, arrogant, narcissistic, sex mad, sexist and completely self-absorbed and he perfectly suits Christian Grey quotes.

There's a lot about Christian Grey that I think is... only situationally attractive, I think is the best phrase. I don't think he'd be half the fantasy figure he is if he weren't rich and it worries me that maybe part of the psychology here is that his behaviour is acceptable if in other areas he provides material luxury to his partner. That really creeps me out, if I'm honest.

It creeps me out almost as much as the most mainstream representation of BDSM not involving negotiation of limits, informed consent or aftercare. 


SallyP said...

I don't know who Christian Gray is, but man...I haven't watched Black Adder in a very long time, and I think I ought to dig out my dvds and put it on.

James Ashelford said...

Oh, do, its basically the perfect sitcom. My friends and I have watched it to death and it is still laugh out loud funny.