Thursday 2 October 2014

Forge World announces the Lost and the Damned

So Forge World have announced that they'll be bringing a new Imperial Armour book to Warhammerfest (aka Not Games Day 2014) and it'll be called War Machines Of The Lost And The Damned.

First off its nice to see Forge World doing something other than Horus Heresy for a change. Fair enough, its a cash cow and I don't blame them for milking it but there are more things in this damn hobby than yet another bloody set of variant Space Marine armour marks.

Second, given the nostalgia kick GW have been on recently with doing a unified Undead army and revisiting Storm Of Chaos I can hope that maybe we might see an old school Lost And The Damned army list in this one. The Siege of Vraks lists were nice but, given the nature of the books, very specific. I'd love to be able to take my old Lost And The Damned army out for a game. Well, I'd like an excuse to re-do the army since I am frankly ashamed of the laughable efforts I was willing to call a finished paint job when I was nineteen.

Don't get me wrong, the old LatD list swung wildly between unplayably bad and horrendously broken but there were some great ideas in there. In particular, I liked that you could take up to three Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champions as an HQ choice and attach them individually to mortal units. Also, random units of Chaos Hounds and Spawn.

Mutants were hilarious in the shooting phase: up to thirty rapid firing weapons with the Gets Hot special rule. There were games where I blew up more of my own troops than my opponent. Heehee.

As I say, this is all nostalgic wishlisting but GW has recently started looking at some of the odd ideas they once considered unworkable and thought “That could be fun to bring back!”. 

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