Wednesday 1 October 2014

Hobby goals for October 2014

Setting out a few “things to do” for my hobby table over the next month, just some general goals and whatnot. Summer's over so my overwhelming lizardlike lethargy is gone and I can knuckle down and get some stuff done.

Goal 1: Finish a complete unit from scratch
Your general getting back on the horse sort of project. Just finishing something, anything, is a real kick after you've been out of the hobby for a while. Not sure what it'll be, I'll pop into GW this afternoon and see what jumps out at me.

Goal 2: Play a game
Again, not something I've had a chance to do recently as our group's usual host has been busy moving house. He's all set-up now so hopefully we can get back to our campaign.

Goal 3: Work out how many Space Orks I own
My friend Dan is just getting back into the hobby but he wants to play 40k. I haven't played 40k in years (I think my last game was the week 6th edition was released) but I did have an Ork army once upon a time that I'm pretty sure I never sold or gave away to anyone so I'm going to see if I can find enough models to have a decent game with. If nothing else the Unbound Army concept will help me if the results turn out to be... unusual.

Goal 4: Write a piece of short fiction
I like writing background and I have some new characters appearing in our campaign that I'd like to workshop a little. I mentioned them in the Bite Size Chunks post on Monday: a group of young journeyman wizards working for the Empire's intelligence service and I really need to work out who they are and how they operate because the group wants them involved in next year's campaign because they like the idea. 

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