Wednesday 7 August 2013

Oh yes, that Doctor Who marathon thing...

Old Sixie handles the disappointment manfully.
Yes, I was going to marathon the Colin Baker era but two things occurred to me about halfway through The Twin Dilemma Part Two.

Thing 1: I only recently got over a period of harrowing bleakness and loss of faith in the world in general and the human race in particular. Watching 31 straight episodes of one of my absolute favourite things in the world violently imploding might not be the best thing to do at this moment.

Thing 2: The Twin Dilemma is a stupid place to start in any case. Its one of the series' most tragically misjudged moments but it didn't happen in isolation. Hard as it is to believe from watching it the story was a season finale. When I talk about the new series it tends to be in reference to seasons because they're a body of work. So if I want to understand The Twin Dilemma in all its awfulness (or even, Heaven forbid, to come to an appreciation of it) I really should start at the beginning of Season 21, not the end.

I'll readily admit that starting with Warriors Of The Deep may not be much of an improvement in the “maintaining faith in humanity” stakes but at least I can laugh at the Myrka and there are genuinely good stories to look forward to between the two (Caves and Frontios, I'm looking at you).

So, next episode: A pantomime brontosaurus, Ingrid Pitt doing ill-advised kung fu and a secret military base staffed entirely by New Romantics.

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