Friday 23 August 2013

Conversations 2: Knowing Your Neighbours

She brings these things on herself, she really does. The other day I walked into work for an opening shift dog tired and my co-worker Camilla asks me if I had a fun night.

“Not really,” I say, rubbing my eyes, “my upstairs neighbours were moving furniture late at night and I couldn't get to sleep.”

“Oh,” she says in her naughty voice, “is that what they call it?”

She brings these things on herself. She asks these things because she thinks it will shock me, she should know better by now.

“Oh, they weren't having sex,” I told her, too tired to stop myself though in all honesty I probably wouldn't have, “that sounds completely different.” I'll admit I put the cherry on it only after seeing her look of horror: “Not enough spanking noises, for a start.”

Well, if she will insist on this combination of naughty but easily shocked...

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