Friday 2 August 2013

Fluff on Friday: It is said of Amanhotep...

My Lord Elector Gausser, please find enclosed my final translation of the rubbings taken from the necropolis of Zandri by your late servant Professor Sondergard. I apologise for the delay in their delivery but there were significant flaws in the late professor's initial translations.

Your humble servant,

Doctor Englebert von Wer
University of Altdorf

It is said of Amanhotep that he bore the blood of Zakash in his veins and by that right did rule he Zandri for four and twenty years.

In the fifth year of his reign he made tribute to the Great King Rakaph and restored peace with Khemri. From that day forth did the fleets and legions of Zandri join in the great work of restoring the Kingdom to its former glory.

Amahotep did lead his legions in glorious battle for many years. He fought the savage greenskins who did desecrate the Valley of the Kings. He did march south with the Great King Rakhash and did aid in the conquest of the lands of Mahrak, Lybaras and Lahmia.

In his time Amanhotep did beget eight sons, each blessed in the light of Ptra.

Of the first son Hopesh it is said that he was given to the Mortuary Cult in accordance with tradition.

Of the second son Amanhotep, who was to rule after his father, it is said he died in his fifteenth year, cut down by the traitor Utesh.

Of the third son Phaket, who inherited his father's throne, it is said he carried the wisdom of his ancestors for he did find great meaning in ancient scrolls with which to rule the city as his father's regent.

(The cartouche detailing the life of the fourth son was heavily defaced and thus untranslatable. Some small phrases remained visible from which it is possible to infer this son served in Zandri's navy in some capacity)

Of the fifth son Ramet it is said he envied his brother Phaket the throne and walked into the desert never to return.

Of the sixth son Suraman it is said he bore his father's blood yet not his father's name and yet he was ever his father's greatest champion in battle and that he bore the black shield with pride.

Of the seventh son Rakses it is said he commanded the chariot legions with a will of iron, crushing utterly the enemies of Khemri.

Of the eighth son Ptramamon it is said he was one with the desert and that he never lost a soldier under his command but to the swords of the enemy.

In the hands of these surviving sons was the city of Zandri placed when the King Amanhotep breathed his last on the walls of Rasetra, cut down by the poison blade of a lizard creature. It is said of Amanhotep that he stood firm on the wall as scaled giants emerged from the forests and that he gave his life gladly for the land of Khemri.

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