Thursday 1 August 2013

August Hobby Vow

Hobby vows are a small motivational tool I read about in White Dwarf: you set yourself a goal, you set yourself a deadline. In my case it feels like high time I got a real start on my Tomb Kings, so...

Hobby Vow the First I will paint a Tomb Kings Battalion before the last day of the month.

For those keeping score that's 40 Skeleton Warriors, 8 Skeleton Horsemen and 3 Skeleton Chariots. I've already finished 10 Warriors and have another 10 almost finished so that's a good start. I've got the paint scheme sorted out and that's half the battle.

Now I just have to see how badly I can fail this deadline. The plan at the moment is to spent at least half an hour a night at the painting table.

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