Monday 12 August 2013

At last, an interesting Space Marine rumour

It seems the Sternguard and Vanguard Veterans are being remade in plastic for this edition. Unfortunately, GW haven't leaked pics onto the internet yet.

(As an aside, yes I do think these leaks are made by GW itself otherwise the pictures would be of far better quality. The usual story is that some random hobbyist in, say, Poland, got their copy a week or so in advance. It doesn't half seem odd that, a: this happens every month and, b: it never happens to someone with a decent scanner)

I have high hopes for the kit. Yes, I found the Centurions absolutely dire but it is significantly easier to muck up a new concept than it is to muck up a Space Marine, one of the most defined images in the game. So this rumour has inspired me to purchase...

… a box of the old Finecast Sternguard Veterans before they sell out. This is for the plain and simple reason that the Sternguard Sergeant is one of my favourite models ever. He's the fellow bottom left with the power fist and Errant-pattern armour, a vision of sheer, uncompromising brutality.

Now I just have to hope GW still has some in stock when they re-open on Wednesday and that I can decide what chapter to paint them as (currently havering between Novamarines, Exorcists and Flesh Tearers). The plastics I will probably purchase in due course for my Deathwatch modelling project (it's far too fast-and-loose to call it an army).

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