Saturday 9 September 2017

Superboy: The Long Kon

Now, I like Jon Kent just fine. I'm enjoying Super Sons, I love the dynamic between Jon and Damian and I want that series to go for a hundred issues.

The thing is that Tim Drake is about to come back and I am very fond of the idea knocking around the internet that the mysterious prisoner he shockingly recognises is Bart Allen (whose pre-Flashpoint self should still be running around somewhere). Cassie is... around somewhere and fixing her would be not difficult. You'd probably have to ignore a lot of her New 52 origin but that's basically what Rebirth reintroductions are all about!

Which leaves us with one last member of the Young Justice Big Four: Connor “Kon-El” Kent, the Superboy that I grew up with.

Part of me is going to hope forever for a proper Young Justice generation reunion but I think DC is rather done with Kon. They have a new Superboy and its hardly a title that accomodates multiple characters at a time like Robin has for the last decade or so. Kon was rather conspicuous by his absence from the flashbacks setting up the new unified pre-Flashpoint/New 52 version of Superman continuity when it reached The Death of Superman.

This is comics we're talking about, though, and nothing stays buried forever. Hell, the racist caricature from the very first Detective Comics cover appeared in New Super-Man not so long ago so there has to be some chance for a character whose worst sins are a) a crap New 52 title (hardly unique) and b) spending the 90s in a leather jacket costume that aged real badly real fast, right?

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