Saturday, 16 September 2017

Kate Orman and the Tomb Kings of Khemri

As mentioned yesterday, I am reading Kate Orman's Black Archive book on Pyramids of Mars, a serial whose story is rooted in the Universal and Hammer mummy movies. The army I'm using the most in Warhammer right now is the Tomb Kings, an army whose entire aesthetic is based on the Universal and Hammer mummy movies.

I was having trouble coming up with names for my Tomb Kings characters.

Not anymore. Orman's analysis of Pyramids is full of references both to characters from the Universal and Hammer movies as well as actual historical figures. I'm taking notes.

For a start my Liche Priest using the Lore of Light (I love that Tomb Kings are undead who use exorcist magic) will be named Meritaten after an Eighteenth Dynasty queen consort whose name means “beloved of the sun god”. The more scheming of my Lore of Nehekhara Liche will be named Isfet, which is a philosophical term for injustice or chaos, in the sense of being the opposite of maat (order) which might end up the name of a nicer Liche because I like dualisms as much as the next guy. 

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