Friday 1 September 2017

A Tale of 1 Warden pt.1

There was only one choice in the end: I fear painting white more than I fear coming up with individual heraldry schemes and so the project for my Tale Of 1 Gamer is Bretonnia. Ah, fair Bretonnia, my first army, the army that got me into this glorious game, the army that I panic bought so many models for when they briefly came back into production during The End Times (a prescient decision, as it turned out).

Models that included, as it happens, a couple of Battalions so it feels like time to crack one open.
So, what do we have? There's a lance of eight knights who will be built as Knights of the Realm, a compulsory choice in the 6th edition book (the group is currently debating how much of the Warhammer Armies Project book to adopt); twenty Men-At-Arms; sixteen Peasant Archers with four stands of defensive stakes; and, a single Pegasus Knight who I will build as a unit champion to use as a temporary hero until I have a proper General and the rest of a Pegasus Knight unit completed waaaay in the future.

That's forty-nine models including the stands of defensive stakes. That's a lot but most of them are peasants who I can paint pretty simply using GW's excellent selection of browns which makes it all a lot less onerous. The knights I want to spend more time on and will be painting one or two at a time whilst doing the peasants in batches. What's more, I'm going to plan the heraldry out beforehand so I know exactly what I'm doing.

And I'll build the Men-At-Arms first because for such simple models they are an absolute nightmare to build. The shields do not fit at all! They're getting done right away so they don't become discouraging. 

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