Sunday, 7 February 2016

Guess who's injured today!

Okay, so Finn Balor left an NXT live event in Nashville on crutches this Friday. I'm not even sure I can remember the full list of injuries right now: Randy Orton, John Cena, Paige, Cesaro, Seth Rollins, Nikki Bella, Shamus, Daniel Bryan, Sin Cara, Rusev... that's just the ones I can remember.

Has anyone considered just booking an exorcism for WWE headquarters?

At this rate of attrition, the Wrestlemania card might actually be a four hour Iron Man match between Triple H and Frank The Audio Guy (if anyone remembers that joke...).

Okay, for serious, it's not all doom and gloom: there's AJ Styles and the other NJPW signings; Roman Reigns is currently being kept wrapped in pillows at all times by a heavily sweating Vince McMahon; the tag division is still mostly intact; and, 'Taker probably won't be competing until 'Mania and his presumed retirement match.

And then there are the women.
The women's division (and I will never call it the Diva's Division) has rarely, if ever, been in a healthier state than it is right now. Yes, the nine woman, three way “Divas Revolution” was a disaster of poor booking decisions but Charlotte's feud with Becky Lynch has been focused, well-written and brought us some great matches. Sasha's return from injury at The Royal Rumble got the biggest cheer of the night that didn't involve AJ Styles. Over on NXT we have the gloriously threatening Asuka and the brilliantly chirpy Bayley, who can get a crowd on their feet like few babyfaces I've ever seen. Bayley and Sasha's Iron Man match at NTX Takeover: Respect was the first time a women's match has headlined a WWE live special and it was amazing.

Now, there'll be a women's title match (never, NEVER going to call it the Diva's Championship) but maybe it's time to try pushing more women's matches on the grandest stage of them all?

Just a thought. 

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