Friday 12 February 2016

A Little Hobby Idea

The quest for blog content continues with this little idea a friend had to get me back into painting:

Every time I finish painting a unit or a character model, I will write a small piece of background for them. Nothing extravagant, just a hundred words or so, give every character some personality and every unit a little piece of history. Just a few lines for each thing that makes it off my painting table fully painted, based and varnished.

Considering my habit of playing with half-painted miniatures, they'll probably have some legit battle honours by that point anyway, which will certainly help. Take the Bogenhafen Handgunners I'm currently putting finishing touches to, which already saw honourable service at our group's big year end game The Siege Of Altdorf. I'm certain I can expand that to a couple of paragraphs. 

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