Monday 30 June 2014

Painting challenge failed satisfactorily

(It has to be admitted I've actually forgotten how my camera works, its been so long since I finished a model. Still, photos should improve again with practice.)

My determination to finish a 16-man unit in a day failed but, as the title, suggests I failed to a satisfactory standard. I got the base colours and inks done on every model, drybrushed the fleshtones and bows and even got the monk finished.

I got a bit obsessed with the monk, in all honesty, probably because I was watching Cadfael as I painted. He's hardly a production number but I feel I did good work on him. Most likely he'll pull double duty amongst my bowmen and in the Stirwood Outlaws warband I'm building for a local Mordhiem campaign. I've always loved the little extras you get on the Bretonnian command sprues: the monk, the mangy dog, the keg of ale, the snail. Yes, there really is a snail on the Peasant command sprue.

Learnt a few lessons, too. Doing the block colours as a 16-man batch was challenging given the different sculpts in the set but for the details I'll work on one design at a time. With any luck I'll be able to finish off the detail work in a couple of afternoon sessions.

After that I'll move up the social order somewhat and make a start on my Knights Errant.

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