Sunday 29 June 2014

One Day Speed Painting Challenge

So for the first time in a while it's Sunday and I have nothing to do. No barbecue to go to, no friends around this weekend, no family obligations, nothing needs cleaning or washing. What's more the weather has turned grotty so going for a nice walk is sort of a non-starter.

What I do have is the grey horde of Bretonnia sitting there atop my shelves, their longbows, polearms and lances pointed at me accusingly. I really need to get some of these things painted, break the block that's settled on my hobby over the last month.

Right: one wet Sunday, a stack of Companion Chronicles to listen to, 16 Peasant Bowmen and a vague sense of how I want to paint them (Artois heraldry: red and black). Results posted Monday. 

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