Friday 7 March 2014

Ooh, that's quite shiny: GW pre-orders for 15 March 2014

Crimson Slaughter: a Codex: Chaos Space Marines supplement (£30 hardcover)
You know, for the first time I am tempted to buy one of these new Codex supplements and it's for the very reason some people are resisting this one. I want a Crimson Slaughter book because they are new, because there hasn't been much written about them so far. I like their look, I like what little background they have (Space Marines driven insane by the ghostly voices of those they've killed which can only be quieted with more killing) and I want this more than the previously rumoured World Eaters/Book Of Khorne supplement because I know the World Eaters inside out.

Between the three Chaos Space Marine codices I own, the old Index Astartes, the Horus Heresy novels and a couple of audios the World Eaters are pretty well covered as far as I'm concerned. But a new faction? Give me some of that, please.

Helbrute (£33 multi-part plastic box set)
I pretty much covered this before when the kit leaked onto the 'net. I rather like it, it's good to have all the options from the Codex available without having to convert the Dark Vengeance model. I won't be buying one in the immediate future (even after finishing my 100 miniature painting challenge) because I still have my DV one to paint.

Still, this gives me hope that multi-part Cultists are on the way.

Chaos Space Marine Attack Force (£120 army bundle)
It seems that Battalions and Battle Forces are getting too expensive to be the starter sets GW wants them to be so they're replacing them with these larger sets for older gamers with more disposable income (at least that's how I read the shift) rather than younger gamers wanting to get started quickly.

I can't argue with the deal, it's a good mix of units: a Chaos Terminator Lord, 10 Chaos Space Marines, a Chaos Rhino (with that lovely vehicle accessory sprue of which I have many fond memories), 5 Chaos Terminators, 5 Raptors and a Forgefiend. Saving £21 by my count means you get the Raptors for free. It might not be the best army imaginable (you need to split the 10 Chaos Marines into two squads to make it legal) but I think it might be meant to combine with Dark Vengeance in which case it's more than convincing.

Coda: 100 Model Painting Challenge

If the supplement is any good I'm halfway tempted, as I haven't started them yet, to paint up my Dark Vengeance Chaos Marines as the Crimson Slaughter. 

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