Thursday 1 November 2018

I adore this Adventure Zone cover

I have not ranted enough about how much I love The Adventure Zone and... well, I'm not going to today but I am going to make a quick post about how much I love this cover to the second graphic novel adaptation by Carey Pietsch:
You see, what I adore about this cover is how it perfectly captures the characters of the four main entities of the series. You have the Tres Horny Boys and their long suffering DM facing a moment of imminent physical danger. On the right we have Taako, who has recognised the danger and is running the fuck away from it; on the left we have Magnus, completely ignorant of the danger he's in but sort of coincidentally moving to avoid it more by luck than judgement; in the centre we have Merle, unaware and about to die; meanwhile Griffin watches on fascinated and appalled.

Its just perfect and I cannot wait to see how Pietsch renders Taako's merciless treatment of Jenkins the elven sleeping car attendant.

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