Monday 1 October 2018

March to 200 Models pt.1: Marching Orders

Its been a while.

So, here's the deal: at the end of July I had managed to finish painting a nice, round one hundred models since the beginning of the year. I set myself a little task of bettering that total in the second half of the year. Over the last two months a lot of personal stuff, work stuff and general stuff happened and I have not had time for much in the way of hobby (or writing or much of anything really) and my grand total so far has been...

*checks hobby diary*

three Zoanthropes.

This leaves me ninety-seven models away from my aim of finishing a second hundred miniatures this year and four months to do it in. Its not impossible especially as this push was always to finish models, not start them from scratch. There are any number of half-finished models in boxes and draws I could turn my hand to. Knowing me that won't happen so much as new things will catch my interest but a man can dream.

One thing I definitely want to get on is that of the one hundred and three models I've finished this year not one has been for Fantasy. I remember wanting to do an elf army of some sort earlier in the year that never materialised and this seems as good an opportunity to start on that. I've also joined a Warhammer Fantasy group on Facebook since the Deathwatch group I joined has been such an inspiration on that project.

Okay, if I'm being honest the main motivating factor with the Deathwatch group has been the chance to show off my models and get nice comments. Sue me.

I don't really have a definite plan, I'm just going to pick up whatever from the backlog. I do want to paint a mode varied set of miniatures though, my recent Deathwatch monomania perhaps being a factor in how unmotivated to paint I've been recently.

And if I need to hurry through the process and make up the numbers a bit there's always my overstuffed shoebox of Skull Pass Night Goblins aka the easiest starter set miniatures ever devised.

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