Tuesday 7 June 2016

Yesterday I impersonated a police officer...

This is technically a crime but damn it was funny!
I did not look this good
going it. I wish I did.

Okay, background: for months I have been getting calls from a phone scam. An incompetent phone scam using shitty mobiles that constantly drop calls, that can't decide whether they're calling from a phone company I'm not contracted to or telling me I can claim PPI on loans I've never taken out or could claim compensation for an accident I've never had.

Frankly, I finally got tired of them. I got tired of trying to press them on how long I've been with their phone company or asking them how much the loan was for or what accident I had. Vicious sadist that I am I finally got tired of torturing these idiots.

So I solemnly informed them that I worked for Berkshire Constabulary and was referring their details to the fraud squad. The umming and spluttering on the other end of the line was delicious because they don't remember how many times they've called me, I'm just a number on a list they probably bought from some company I've done momentary business with (probably something to do with letting agency credit checks, frankly).

Its amazing how switching things up a bit can really put the joy back in causing others pain.

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