Monday, 6 June 2016

Floi Stonehand pt.1

Every now and again I get a yin to paint an individual model. Not something for any of my armies but just something I like the look of. In this case: Floi Stonehand, Loremaster of Moria. By and large I'm not much for the Lord of the Rings range but this one miniature really speaks to me.

Anyway, Colour Tests All The Way Down time again: I want to try and perfect that bronze armour method I used on my Glade Lord before I do any rank-and-file armoured Wood Elves. I think Dwarves look great in bronze armour so I figured it was time to finally get this model.

I've put him on a Fantasy-style square base. Though I have zero plans to use him in-game I would like the option open. My group has been discussing having a mercenary allowance as part of regular games. That cloak makes me think “Ranger”, which would also be a nice excuse to buy some of those Avatars Of War Ranger minis but I'm getting ahead of myself. First stage should be deciding how to paint this fellow, or rather the parts of him that aren't bronze armour or skin.

I also want to try and dash this one off rather quickly, try to recapture that momentum that had me finish all those models a couple of weeks back so let's try this as a One Week Challenge.

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