Friday 8 May 2015

An open plea to Conservative voters

Given that the next five years are not going to be fun for me, can I just ask this one thing? Just one thing and it won't take you long?

Take your copy of the Conservative manifesto (and if you don't have one, please download it and consider carefully why you didn't have one but voted this way regardless) and take note of the policies and promises that led you to vote the way you did. Keep the notes, keep the manifesto and every now and again read them over again and check to see whether the promises and policies you voted for have been delivered on.

This isn't even me saying the Conservatives will naturally ignore their manifesto promises: I was planning to post this regardless of who won. It would be up here as “An open plea to Labour voters” if things had swung that way or an “An open please to Liberal Democrat voters” if we lived in a wildly different alternate universe, just with a different opening paragraph.

I'm not even saying that if you find a single promise undelivered on that's a huge betrayal. Things change and needs evolve, just take a cold and cynical look at it if it happens. If more people took time to actively track the delivery of manifesto promises we might see the Number 10 changing hands a lot more often than we do. 

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