Tuesday 18 June 2013

Warhammer projects 2: The Deathwatch (or "Stupid connection-making brain")

It was the Jon Snow chapters that did it, of course. There is a strange connection in my mind between A Song Of Ice And Fire and Warhammer, most likely because I've done so much painting with Game Of Thrones on in the background. Usually it makes me want a Chaos Warriors army: Khornate and all-mounted (can you guess who my favourite character in the first season was?) with lots and lots of Marauder Horsemen on the flanks of a solid centre of Chaos Knights and Skullcrushers.

This time it was reading the Jon Snow chapters as I was considering a Space Marine army that led my brain towards the Deathwatch, the elite alien hunters of the Imperium of Man.

The thing about Space Marines is that I can never decide which chapter to collect. Many moons ago I had my own-brand Marines called the Guardian Pilgrims, an off-shoot of the Black Templars who defended a series of holy sites. Since then I've turned my hand to collecting Exorcists, Flesh Tearers, Space Wolves 13th Company, White Scars (very small, that force, just one model) and Novamarines but I could never settle on just one chapter with so many others have such great background.

The beauty of the Deathwatch is that they recruit Marines from practically every loyalist chapter in existence (plus the Dark Angels) so if I'm struck by a momentary craze for a particular chapter I can paint one and be done with the idea.

I have a few ideas to start: a Novamarine Kill-Team sergeant; a Black Templars shoulder pad that would work pretty well for an Imperial Paladin; another pad from the Death Company box that would work for a Blood Drinker; an anti-social Imperial Fist Kill-Marine. The possibilities are enormous.

First job is to order a couple of Deathwatch conversion kits so I can assemble my first Kill-Team and some character classes.

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