Wednesday 26 June 2013

Deathwatch background 1: Kill-Team Germanicus

Because each and every Deathwatch Space Marine originates from another chapter I have to decide what I'm doing with these models before I build them so I can do some little conversions to reflect their origins. Having leafed through various Space Marines codexes, How To Paint Space Marines and the two Imperial Armour: The Badab War volumes I've come up with this composition for my first Kill-Team:

Brother-Sergeant Yehven Gemanicus of the Novamarines
According to IA9 the Novamarines have very strong ties to the Deathwatch, being fanatical xenophobes themselves. The Novamarines are good, old-fashioned second founding Ultramarines successors, hardline Codex. They also have a nice background where they imitate the names and manners of the Ultramarines but come from a tribal world. I wonder if I can freehand some tribal tattoos on the model's face?

Brother Mannheim of the Raptors (assistant squad leader)
So if I have a hardline Codex Brother-Sergeant he needs an unconventional thinker for an executive officer to provide dramatic tension. The Raptors are Raven Guard successors used to working behind enemy lines as insurgents rather than in open battle. Since Kill-Teams tend to operate independently that's a good experience to have around. Another good painting challenge will be painting the alabaster skin of a Raven Guard successor.

Brother Morden (Black Shield)
When I read about Black Shields in the Deathwatch rulebook I knew I had to include one. I'm not sure what sin (of his own or of his chapter) he'll be atoning for but its one model where I don't have to do any fiddly freehand, at least. I have a spare bare head from the Dark Angels Company Master that looks particularly sullen that I can use for this character (I think the whole of this first Team will have bare heads to give them character).

Brother Orten Fryzer of the Doom Eagles
I have this odd affection for the Doom Eagles. There was a time when GW tended to shy way from using big factions in its fiction and back then the Doom Eagles were the go-to choice for “generic Space Marines”. In time the Ultramarines took that mantle but I still remember the Doom Eagles fondly, sullen bastards that they are. The unit needs a doomsayer, as well, a sort of cross between Dad's Army's Private Fraser and Game Of Throne's Dolorous Ed Tollett.

Brother Jason Carmilla of the Angels Encarmine
I've got lots of spare Death Company parts so having a Blood Angel about the place makes sense. Of all the Blood Angels successors the one that appealed the most were the Angels Encarmine: restless and twitchy, forever in motion. To me that makes me think the Black Rage is closer to the surface than in the other successors, born out by the idea that they have a larger than usual Death Company.

Brother Jago Sekker of the Fire Hawks
This one is less for the background of the chapter than for the fact I want to paint the flames on the shoulder pad like in the IA examples. I also like the brownish orange of the rest of the armour and I'm wondering how I'll achieve it for that shoulder pad.

Brother Stanak Sondar of the Sons of Medusa Megeara War Clan
Yet another Badab War chapter because I love the Badab War books. The emerald green on the shoulder pad should be a fantastic challenge and I wonder how many cybernetic parts I can kitbash together for this one.

Grey Hunters Aemar Badstar and Gunnar Gunnar Lionsbane of the Space Wolves
Space Wolves join the Deathwatch in pairs so if one falls the other can take his saga back to Fenris. Badstar is going to be the younger of the two, newly elevated to he Grey Hunters, whilst Lionsbane is a veteran just a step or two down from being a Long Fang or Wolf Guard. I have an idea that Lionsbane gained his name by winning numerous honour duels against Dark Angels champions, there's a shoulder pad with a Dark Angels rosary on it that I might give him, a token of victory from one of those duels so naturally...

Brother Renniel of the Angels of Vengeance
Of course there has to be a Dark Angels successor in the unit and he has to be one that Lionsbane has defeated in an honour duel. Of course he'll also have to work closely with Lionsbane again and again just for the comedy of it.

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