Sunday 30 June 2013

James gained Games Day tickey (-10 to finances)

I haven't been to Games Day in years, I think 2007 was my last one. As part of my recent hobby renaissance (which will involve some painting soon, I promise, since just saying I was starting a Tomb Kings army got 110 page views) I thought I'd take a chance and pick up a ticket.

I love the gaming tables the stores make for the event, they're always so inspiring. I remember some crackers: a Vespid colony that was all raised platforms over a board painted to look like sky; a 3D Necron Tomb board; the Dreadnoughts versus Orks Battle For Gate XIX. This time I will even take my camera so I have half a chance of remembering some of the great ideas I end up with from looking at the boards.

Plus the Golden Demon painting competition, of course, which is always full of such brilliant conversions. I love converting minis, its probably my favourite part of the hobby, making something fun and different.

There's also one other thing that's at Games Day: the Forge World stand. Forge World has some fantastic ranges but the sheer embuggerance of ordering them online (you can't even do it from the store!) tends to put me off but maybe I can take advantage of the opportunity and pick up a few kits. Not sure what I'll be picking up but their Death Guard range appeals.

This will mean a little economising (expensive, these resin kits) but that's all to the good. I've been meaning to examine my expenditures for a while, not least of which my comics pull list but we'll get to that later. I'll definitely be writing some army lists in preparation so I can buy exactly what I'll use and not a penny more.

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