Thursday 3 January 2019

Pride March of the Dinobots

Last year I bought a Transformers toy on eBay. Just one, a little one: the Iron Factory version of Windblade (“Miko for Iron Titan”) because it was cute and I needed a new fiddle toy for my desk.

Ever since then the eBay algorithm has not let this one impulse purchase go and keeps recommending me all sorts of Transformers stuff. It knows how to tempt me, too. Like, reissues of the G1 Seacons who I adored as a kid but never completed the set. Cheap (read “knock-off”) modern Combaticons and Protectobots. There was a fan made masterpiece-style First Aid the other day.

Masterpiece. First Aid. Really.

Anyway, eBay threw one at me the other day that I just have to share with the world:
Yes, an entire Pride Flag of knock-off Dinobots based on the Power Of The Primes combiner version of the team. So, according to the Wikipedia article on the original 1978 Pride Flag we have Grimlock representing life; Sludge representing healing; Swoop representing sunlight; Snarl representing nature; Slag/Slug representing serenity; and, Slash representing sex.

I unironically adore how Snarl looks in green, by the way, it really suits the guy.

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