Thursday 12 November 2015

Positive Things: Wally Wood's 22 Panels That Always Work

You've got to love the work of a craftsman. I know some people like to maintain a distance between what they love and how those things are made but I grew up a Doctor Who fan in the '90s and so I grew up reading episode guides and Doctor Who Magazine interviews with classic cast and crew.

So when I see something like this it makes me re-evaluate the way I read comics since this set of panels is quite famous nowadays. I wish it were more famous, frankly, since as Wood says there are too many writers who treat their scripts like radio scripts, as if they don't have images to help tell the story.

(I'm not just talking about Chris Claremont, but he is sort of the ur-example here.) 


Anonymous said...

The official print is available at

Discounts are available for schools.

"Panels That Always Work" is © & TM the Wallace Wood Estate.

SallyP said...

Wally Wood was indeed a fabulous artist.

James Ashelford said...

I had only vaguely heard of him before this but now I'm definitely looking up some of his stuff.