Monday 9 November 2015

Army Project: Lamenters

To answer yesterday's burning question (What the hell am I going to do with thirty-eight Horus Heresy Space Marines?), here is my answer: I'm going to start a Lamenters army.
Why Lamenters? First of all, I like the idea of them. They're a Cursed Founding chapter who suffer from horrendous bad luck. On the surface they have an enviable record of service but looking at the bigger picture at their history their heroic actions tend to be spoiled by unintended consequences. In typical double-edged 40k fashion this might be mere coincidence or the result of mutation on the chapter's high psychic potential.

As a result of all this, they have a dour and melancholy character which is a nice change from the usual and rather limited psychology of Space Marine characters.

They're yellow and I've recently started to enjoy painting yellow now there's a white spray that does its bloody job. True, the chapter icon is going to be nightmare but I want to improve my freehand so that's an odd bonus.

Finally, they offer a little extra variety. According to their Index Astartes article in Imperial Armour volume 9 their armour and armament cleaves a lot closer to the standard Space Marine patterns than other Blood Angels successors. They have all the usual Sanguinary bells and whistles but not as profusely as their peers. The way I figure it I can buy a single Blood Angels Tactical Squad and split the parts amongst the models so everything has something Blood Angels-y about them.

Between the box set and the Blood Angels Tactical Squad I have forty Marines in power armour. Between what I have and some old spare parts I think that can form the basis of two Tactical Squads, a Command or Sternguard Squad, two Assault Squads and a Devastator Squad. Frankly, that should be all the standard power armour I'll need for the army aside from the inevitable Death Company Squad.

Voila, instant Space Marine army! 

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