Friday 25 September 2015

Dear culture, some things that are not the same...

Editing and censorship.
Apolitical and conservative.
Problematic and irredeemable.
The beliefs of a writer and the actions of their characters.
Canon and what a general audience can be assumed to remember.
Iconic and just plain old.
What was publishable in the 1950s and now.
Bisexuality and nymphomania.
What was publishable in the 1980s and now.
Sexualisation and objectification.
Death threats and comedy.
Influences behaviour” and “causes behaviour”.
Subjective experience and worthless information.
Fundamentalist Catholicism does not represent the beliefs of every religious person in the world.
Neither does fundamentalist Islam.
Jeremy Corbyn and actual communist dictators.
US Presidential primaries and the US Presidential election.

We all clear now? Because I would really like to stop having to have these conversations. 

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