Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Looted Wagon Project

I bought a Leman Russ kit yesterday, for two reasons. The first was because there are a couple of picture in the Astra Militarum Codex where the tank commander seems to have a left-handed laspistol, which I need because of a conversion I'm planning. As it turns out this component is a conversion and therefore does not exist. Oh well, Plan B is still viable.

Plan B, the way I managed to con myself into spending £31 on a big kit for a single component that doesn't exist, is to make a Looted Wagon for my Orks.

I love the idea of Looted Wagons, mainly because I remember the days when not everything in a Codex would have a model. That those days are gone is unequivocally a good thing but I do sort of miss it nonetheless., especially since I'm planning a Renegades & Heretics army so I need to get back into converting again. AS Looted Wagon is the perfect project to get back on the horse with.

What's great is it doesn't even have to look halfways sensible. I can come up with any insane, over-busy creation and it will look perfectly in character. I can reeeeealy go to town on this.

So far I have the Leman Russ plus spare parts from the Meganobs, Mek Gunz and Killa Kans kits. That's a lot of gubbins I can strap to the Russ' chassis. I also, since you only need two to operate a Mek Gun, have some spare Gretchin I didn't make for the second Zzap Gun who can be clambering over the thing keeping it running.

This is going to be fun. 

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