Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Army Building 2: Matching the picture in your head

Sometimes when you're building a model, especially a conversion, you get a picture in your head and you won't be happy until its perfect. I had this idea for a character in my Inquisitorial warband, an Imperial Strategist called Alvin Callum (a very old character of mine) where he would be dual wielding a pair of laspistols. I was going to do this using a pistol from the Cadian Shock Troops box and one from the Cadian Command Squad...

except that I misremembering the laspistol from the Command Squad being held in the model's left hand so now my cool gunslinger idea doesn't work. I thought there was an off-hand version for the standard bearer but clearly I was imagining things. He'd have been aiming along the Command Squad pistol as he held the Shock Troops one up against the side of his head. Would have looked great.

So now I'm going to ridiculous lengths to make this happen. There are two options: try to shave down a Tempestus Scions hotshot laspistol (which is left-handed) to look enough like the Guard one or this:
which I found on the project log of one Kierdale over at Bolter &Chainsword. Why am I going to all this trouble for a character who will not be that impressive to look at, won;t be that powerful in-game and doesn't matter all that much?

Because this character is actually important to me. He's been a part of the background for every Imperial army I've had: he started as a scrivener who fell into the orbit of my Inquisitor, he's worked with my Space Marines, joined Imperial Strategy and became a regimental advisor to my Guard. Yet he has never had a model, not in ten years and I really, really want to get this right.

That project log also has a great tutorial for making Guard veterans with shotguns, by the way, and is really worth checking out. 

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