Wednesday 26 February 2014

The Helbrute leak and what I hope it means

They've been taken down now but pictures leaked onto the internet earlier in the week of a new Helbrute model, multi-part with options to represent all the Chaos Gods. The pictures were from the next issue of Warhammer Visions so we can expect the model to be solicited in the next White Dwarf.

This is good. I like (even prefer) the Dark Vengeance Helbrute but it'll be good to have the option of a second without buying a whole other starter set. It'll be nice to have one I can built to be clearly Nurglesque for my Death Guard (the Dark Vengeance one will be painted for my Word Bearers). Has to be said, though, I like it mainly because of what it might mean in the future.

Right now the Helbrute is a big draw for Dark Vengeance, an exclusive mini you can only get in the big set and there are other models fitting that description I'd like to see as separate kits. I know I bang on about the Lost And The Damned but a proper Cultists kit would be lovely. Let's face it, compared to the Helbrute a bunch of expendable mortal plebs with shitty guns is not a huge draw (unless you're me).

And then there are the High Elves in Island Of Blood. Two of those exclusive units are Core choices. I say that the contents of this set need making into proper kits out of pure selfishness since the two High Elves themes that really appeal to me are Lothern (with Sea Guard from one horizon to the other) and Hoeth (with a Loremaster at the head of a big block of Swordmasters).

Of course, the Helbrute isn't even the first kit of this kind. The clampack Space Marine Captain from last September was a blatant retread of the Captain from Assault On Black Reach just with one of the new grav guns slapped on the model.

I guess what this comes down to is that I like buying certain models and I would like the option to buy just those. I want a Chaos Space Marine army with lots and lots of Cultists being callously pushed towards the enemy by their Astartes masters but I don't want to end up with half a dozens Helburtes and endless Chosen to make that a reality.

You never know, we might finally see plastic Deffkoptas. 

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